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Dec 5, 2013 9:00am PST
quote chip away into personal privacy in this cyberage. >> u.s. is not meant to monitor americans but if you're overseas, you're fair game, they're picking up -- vacuuming up all of this traffic, right? >> reporter: yeah, that's certainly part of the problem. the nsa is not under law allowed
FOX Business
Dec 10, 2013 11:00am EST
quote being manufactured throughout the country. arizona could become the first u.s. state to regulate and prevent the nsa from spying on residents. state senator proposed a lot to prevent law-enforcement from getting material support for the nsa and also make evidence obtained in these activities inadmissible in court cases.
Dec 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
quote of the eight big u.s.-based
Dec 13, 2013 6:00pm PST
quote of the eight big u.s.-based internet giants this week, google, facebook, yahoo!, microsoft coming out and actually saying they thought the balance between the power of the state and the rights of individuals has gotten out of whack. >> the statement from the companies has enormous implications. one very thoughtful technology organization which intel belongs to, an important employer, in my state estimated that the damages in terms of lost revenues result of these nsa practices would approach $35 billion between now and 2016. and i think it is going to be bad for the country, bad for their customers here. bad for their brand overseas.
Dec 24, 2013 8:00am PST
free in return. the israeli government is seeking a nation from the u.s. after becoming the latest country to be caught up in the nsa spying scandal. documents leaked by edward snowden show the nsa monitor the e-mails of then prime minister ert and other top israeli officials in 2009. on monday, israeli prime minister into miniature and yahoo! call the surveillance unacceptable. intranets and yahoo! called the surveillance unacceptable. >> i've asked for an examination in the matter. there are things that must be done and are not acceptable to us. >> in a lengthy interview, edward snowden declared mission accomplished in his exposure of nsa surveillance. snowden said -- snowden also repeated his denials of sharing the leaked documents with foreign governments including his host country russia. snowden said -- the obama administration has extended a deadline until today for american seeking health insurance starting january 1 through the website. the 24-hour grace period was announced as over a million people flooded the site on monday. in a symbolic move, the white h
Dec 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
quote the u.s., the pan writers group did a survey of 250 professional writers, it just came out this week. and a quarter of these writers said they feel inhibitied. they are censoring themselves in what they discuss in e-mail in the research they do especially if it involves anything overseas. does that, as one with individual liberties, does that concern you. >> the attitude certainly does. and you know, that's mortifying to me that they would feel that that would be an issue that the government would be interested in, candidly. even their engage mood some issue that may be even questionable, if it's a political issue and you are expressing yourself, you need to feel comfortable that you can do that in the united states. we should never lose that.
Al Jazeera America
Dec 27, 2013 1:00am EST
>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton with a look at the top stories. >> the u.s. is sending military aid to iraq to help them fight al qaeda. they are targetting forces in the anwar province. 18 troops were killed in an ambush on saturday. african leaders are in south sudan negotiating an end to the violence that gripped the country for two weeks. 1,000 people have died in the fighting. the u.n. is sending in peacekeeping troops and equipment. a russian investigation found no trace of poisoning in the death of palestine leader yasser arafat. >> experts found evidence of a lethal substance polonium in arafat's remains. >> help is on the way for 74 passengers on board a ship caught in icy antarctic orders on tuesday. a professor travelling with the group heard from a chinese ice breaking vessel on round to free the ship. >> holiday sales up 2%. megadiscounts were considered one driving force behind the increase. those are the kheadlines. "consider this" is up next. >> surprising new details about the u.s. mission in iraq. the american military is now helping the fi
Al Jazeera America
Dec 27, 2013 9:00am EST
drones, rockets and missiles. so consider this, did the u.s. leave iraq too early? and what does that mine for america's mission in afghanistan? also, edward snowden sends a special holiday message back to the u.s. saying mission accomplished. but what is the real impact on the nsa? also, a plus sized barbie reigniting a firestorm of controversy over what childhood dolls should look like and their impact on body image. and a british invasion on tv. why are sherlock, downton abbey and other shows from the uk all the rage here on american tv sets? hello, everyone. i'm adam may sitting in for antonio mora. welcome to "consider this." we begin with two international hots spots where u.s. policy does not seem to be working write now. starting in iraq, more than two years after president obama declared the iraq war was over, now the u.s. is sending hellfire missiles and surveillance drones to that country as the baghdad government battles a renewed al qaeda insurge incy. more than 7,000 civilians, close to a thousand iraqi security forces have died in attacks just this year alone. amon
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am EST
$12 billion pending to boost brands. mind.u.s. buyers in >> tech titans team up. others urge e and the u.s. government to stop data spying. >> an exclusive interview with t prime minister of japan. >> good morning to all of you in to thosed good evening in asia and those waking up in the united states. >> this is "pulse" from european headquarters in london. fiat is saudi to be planning a 9 a lion investment to have turnaround strategy. italians are making a surge into north america. we have the details now. it is about the americans. it is always about the americans. about europe, too. you look at the car market here, to be absolutely brutal for a turn these guys, to leveragee losses let's what you have been successful at and being the premium end of the market. orget the fee at pinto and go to the 500. wantss the one every lady a piece. >> and men. want to gender it but i did. $350,000. that is the car i would like. every man would like. but the money is going there and alfa romeo. and sell them where the 25% in ment rate is not europe but u.s. and the key point is they have
Dec 29, 2013 5:40am EST
with the u.s. and international community. former state department officials from the clinton and obama administrations join a former iranian negotiator for this discussion hosted by the asia society. it is a little more than an hour. [applause] >> you laid out exactly the questions. if you have questions, i know they are bringing up the ipad. ambassador, let me begin. the history could be a history of non-relations. no direct talks. even this interim agreement appears to be a hiccup. secretary kerry has talked to the foreign minister. is this a real agreement? is this a breakthrough moment? >> i think that it would take a paroxysm of inventive imagination to believe that it is not a breakthrough in the context of years of almost no 30 contact. on the other hand, the other element of a breakthrough is where does that door lead? is it leading somewhere? can we see this particular opening take us through to a stage where we recognize that the agreements -- and i put the plural there because we are waiting to see about follow on arrangements -- that the agreements have produced something t
Dec 27, 2013 8:00am PST
the height of the iraq war under president bush. the u.s. is now rushing a new shipment of hellfire missiles and surveillance drones to the iraqi government. we will go to baghdad for report. as wall street prepares to pay out over $90 billion in year-end bonuses, an offshoot of occupy wall street urges the banks to reconsider how they spend their massive profits. $60 billion in pay for two years of the national affordable housing trust fund. this is the program that is financed for 10 years could end homelessness in american -- and america. next up, $21 billion in needed repairs to public housing and wall street to take care of that. and you know what? it would still have $10.4 billion left over. >> and while the philippines struggles to rebuild after typhoon haiyan, the country is been forced to continue paying out billions of dollars in debt to the world bank and other lenders. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. a car bombing in the lebanese capital of beirut has left at least five people dead. the victims i
Al Jazeera America
Dec 16, 2013 7:30pm EST
obsess over labels. one or the other made in the usa. nearly 80% of the u.s. would rather buy american made products, and the majority are even willing to pay more. nostic manufacturing is increasing. >> it helps us support our businesses in the usa. >> it keeps jobs in america. >> it keeps our workers here and keeps our country going. >> keep the opportunity here, and keep the business here. >> keeping americans employed is about the most important thing we can do. >> countries once condemned for outsourcing are being applauded for in-sourcing. the manufacturing that faded from the landscape for decades, now is up to 12 million and is expected to expand in 2014. and meanwhile, the demand for imports is decreasing. but critics warn that reduced demand could reduce options, and may not lead to more jobs, and the other concern, fraud. frauding off of patriotism. recently they settled a lawsuit that claimed that their products were truly made in the usa and they were not. it was not any of the companies that you just saw in that shot of the but who benefits now that america is back in fa
Dec 9, 2013 8:30pm EST
mccormick is the ceo of u.s. telecom and howard oscar is with "communications daily." >> i got upset with the president because they covered the first few meetings i had and they never showed up anymore. when i was walking on the dance floor at the white house i met this woman who was one of the press people. i said, no one ever covers my meetings. she says mental health is just not a issue that we toured the country and found out that it was needed and developed legislation and passed the mental health act of 1980. it passed through congress, as jamie says was involuntarily retired from a white house and it was never implemented one of the greatest is the premise of my life. next a discussion on trade agreementagreement s and presidential authority. this event looks at the presence fast-track authority authority which allows the president to negotiate international remnants free of amendments or filibuster. the economy in crisis organization hosted this hour and 35 minute event. >> good morning and welcome to the national press club. we like to start a program now since c-span3 is b
Dec 10, 2013 4:00am EST
last week on the same topic on c-span3. i watched it. they had a panel of the four former u.s. trade representatives including sue schwab and several others. all of those prior u.s. trade representatives seem to have similar views on fast-track. today you are going to hear some differing views of some distinguished representatives of the public interest community and the labor movement. our moderator today will introduce the speakers and i had the pleasure this morning to introduce our moderator charlie sub two. charlie had a distinguished career both in government and private industry. from 1971 to 1980 he served in a series of diplomatic positions in the state department and then he joined the office of u.s. trade representative says the directors deal policy from 1980 to 1982. steel was a particularly hot issue in the states and some of you probably remember the voluntary restraint agreements. charlie then moved on to the post-deputy assistant ustr for industry 1982 to 1983 and then was promoted to the post assistant u.s. trade representative for industry where he served from 83 t
Dec 3, 2013 5:00am PST
we're following this hour. >>> japanese prime minister shinzo abe and u.s. vice president joe biden say they stand united in their response to china's newly declared air defense zone. >>> protests in thailand have police trying another way to calm demonstrators. they've let the people into their headquarters and the prime minister's office. >>> a young american woman killed in the march 11 disaster wished to be a bridge between japan and the u.s. now her parents are working to keep that dream alive. >>> u.s. vice president joe biden says his country will stand by japan in the face of a new dispute involving china. he just wrapped up a meeting with prime minister shinzo abe. the leaders shared ideas on how to approach chinese authorities following their air defense identification zone over the east china sea. >> translator: we confirmed that japan and the united states will not tolerate china's attempt to unilaterally change the status quo. we also agree our countries will continue to work closely together to deal with the matter base on the strong u.s./japan relationships. >> transl
Al Jazeera America
Dec 13, 2013 11:30am EST
natural resource ex-porters, 11 pacific countries in all, including the u.s. have been negotiating a free trade deal called the trance pacific partnership. the negotiations have been carried in secret, but largely shielded from public oversight. on the've of the 20th anniversary of the north american free trade act, are americans hungry, and removing barriers to the u.s. market, still the world's richest, the new treaty would govern trade between all the country as new handbook for their economic relationship, the negotiators meeting had hoped for a big announcement this week. >> there was disappointment in singapore tuesday, negotiations for the trance pacific partnership, or tpp, finished without a signed deal, talked will likely continue into the new year. >> we have decided to continue our work in the coming weeks towards such an agreement. we will also further our consultations with stakeholders and engage in our respective political processes. the tpp is a giant free trade deal between 12 countries boarders the pacific's. member states include australia, chile, malaysia, mexico, new
Dec 16, 2013 12:35am EST
complete gavel to gavel coverage of the u.s. house, all as a public service of private industry. we are c-span, created by the cable tv industry 34 years ago and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. now, you can watch us in hd. next am a discussion about u.s. trade policy and the issue of the president being able to negotiate international trade agreements. this is hosted by the organization, economy in crisis. it is an hour and a half. i would like to welcome you this morning to our program called do we need fast-track, the trade promotional authority. some of you may have seen a program last week on the same topic on c-span3. i watched it. fourd a panel of the former u.s. trade representatives, including andey kantor and sue schwab several others. although spry representatives seemed to have similar views on fast track. today, you're going to hear some different views from some distinguished representatives of the public interest community and the labor movement. our moderator today will introduce the speakers and i had the pleasure this morning to introduce our moderator c
Dec 23, 2013 4:00am EST
largely shrug off fierce of a credit crunch. >>> the imf is striking a bull i shall tone on the u.s. economy. >> we see the fed having taken some very well communicated action concerning the tapering of a program and those are good signs. in addition to which we see some good numbers. >>> $1.9 billion and counting. the co-ceo of deutsche bank signals they may have to set aside more money for litigation as they settle u.s. mortgage claims. >>> after years of talking, apple clinches a deal with china mobile to sell iphones. it could increase their revenues by $10 billion. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange" bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> hello, everyone. it's almost christmas and ross westgate has already started his christmas vacation so that's great for him. i'm filling in for him this week. let's get back to one of our top stories. the imf is raising its forecast for u.s.gdp citing the budget talks to taper bond buying program. in october the imf said gdp was expected to expand 2.5% next year. while she didn't offer a new number, imf manager ch
Dec 27, 2013 5:00am EST
decline for another straight month. >>> u.s. retailers are hoping for many happy returns from the holiday shopping season. the head of the national retail federation tells cnbc we expect sales to hit the group's .9% forecast. >>> good morning, everyone. well, if you celebrated christmas, hope you had a fantastic break. for me, usually these breaks are way too short. let me tell you how u.s. futures are shaping up this morning. we're looking mixed as far as the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are concerned. the dow hit another record high in yesterday's trading session. it was up for the sixth straight session and hitting record highs on a nominal basis for the sixth day in a row, as well. the s&p 500 also ending at another record high. the dow up about 0.75% and the s&p 500 rising around 0.5%. remember, jobless claims falling by more than expected yesterday at a one-month low. we have a rally in retail related stocks after we got a data about the retail shopping season. that was better than speexpecte. i want to show you how european markets are doing this morning. they are back online af
Al Jazeera America
Dec 2, 2013 11:30am EST
and american airlines will finalize a $17 billion deal with u.s. airways making american the largest carrier in the country. before the deal went through the justice department made american open up major hubs to smaller airlines and cut back on routes and a number of flights. on this edition of "inside story" we're going to talk about the mega merger and what it means for the flying public. the merger between american and u.s. airways is a $17 billion deal. the new american will carry 130 million passengers annually. it will operate 6700 flights to 500 destination nationwide. it will allow the new american airlines to become king of the air waives. airwaves. it must give up gates and landing slots in seven major airport including new york, los angeles, and ronald reagan washington airport in washington, d.c. those slots will go to lower cost carriers. american must now sell 104 take-off and landing slots. >> we expressed potential reduction in competition that the merger would potentially empose. >> the justice department initially blocked the deal fearing competition. but in a statement th
Dec 18, 2013 7:00pm EST
, why u.s. farmers could be facing dismal prospects for land and crop prices. we will tell you which luxury cars are in the best ratings in the insurance industry's crash test. to our viewers here in the united states and those of us joining from around the world, welcome. we have full coverage of the stocks and stories making headlines tonight. su keenan with the equity markets in record territory as the fed moves to taper qe. yang yang with a comb i got as thein the senate budget compromise passes. those stories in a moment. first, the federal reserve take the first step in unwinding its unprecedented economic stimulus. at one of the final meanings of chairman ben bernanke is tenure, the fed announced it will trim its monthly bond buying starting in january. peter cook has more on the decision and mr. bernanke's last news conference as chairman. >> let the taper begin. at their final meeting, the federal reserve decided to scale ,ack the bond buying program convinced that the economy's cumulative progress allows the central bank to ease up on its record stimulus. chairman ben berna
Dec 26, 2013 9:00am PST >>> 23 americans detained overseas, many held captives for years. is the u.s. government doing enough to free them? >> the north korean leader threatens violence, telling his troops to prepare for war. a familiar threat or signs of imminent combat? >>> plus, boxing day in british commonwealth nations and so far this traditional shopping holiday is living up to its name. welcome to "around the world," everyone. i'm michael holmes. >> i'm fredricka whitfield in for suzanne malre. an american man held hostage for 2 1/2 years is making ai direct plea to the president of the u.s. >> warren weinstein, and in a video released by his kidnappers, he feels abandoned and forgotten, his words, by his country, and his health is failing. >> 72 years old. he was grabbed from his home in pakistan in summer 2011. this is the first image we've seen of him in more than a year. he speaks not only to the president, president obama, but the american media and to his family. >> elise labott, it's not the first time that we've seen him. what do we make of this video and what happens being done about it in wa
Dec 20, 2013 1:00pm EST
obama awarded u.s. army private first class kahahano the presidential medal of honor, our nation's highest military honor, post posthumous. he and thousands of native hawaiians and native americans who have served our country with such honor deserve a memorial on the national mall. my native american memorial amendments act that passed last night will allow for privately funded memorial to be located on grounds under the jurisdiction of the national museum of the american indian. the human will is have the much-needed flexibility to raise funds and take on a more active role in planning and construction. the native american memorial amendments act of 2013 was endoardz by -- endorsed by the national congress of the american indian, alaska federation of natives and the council for native hawaiian advancements, the largest three native american organizations in the country. the national museum of the american indian and the national park service are in agreement as well. i want to thank the strong support of the bipartisan cosponsors of this bill, senators barrasso, begich, hirono,
Dec 20, 2013 12:00pm EST
to see if anybody was following you. now, it is one of the safest cities in the u.s. who would have ever thought that the city of 7 million would be the safest? because they have been disciplined about the petty stuff and some of the other things. it shows up in a different culture. james wolfensohn, can you contribute anything else? >> the largest economy in the world will be china soon. in my experience, in terms of them joining into agreements in terms of disclosure, for example , they have been clearly absent. -- completely absent. when you talk about bidding for international contracts or anything that they are engaged in in terms of their financial arrangements, it is not clear, to put it mildly. if you have a country like china which will be the leading economy in the world, how does your program do with that? >> no one country, no matter how big, is an island. if we all work together to require that of them, i think they have to step up. they are not self-sufficient in everything. they will have to deal with others. if we succumb to their size and operate the way they operate, i
Dec 23, 2013 6:30pm EST
, not who are engaged in terrorist activities, but who expressed with the u.s. government called, radical ideas. the nsa is collecting information about their visits to pornographic sites, homosexual chats that they have online with people they are not married to, and the document contains plans to use that information to publicly humiliate those people and discredit them to stop them from communicating their ideals and to the world. that is a pure incidents of abuse. it may be true that a person who never challenges the government isn't going to be threatened with that kind of abuse, because they are not challenging the government, but i think you want to create -- don't want to create a society where you won't be abused if you stay home and never challenged government. the measure of a society is how you treat the dissidents. finally, on the issue of the answere, i think is that there is justifiable surveillance. everybody agrees that when there is evidence of somebody engaged in terrorist plots that they should be monitored. i think it should involve accountability to make sure it is n
Dec 17, 2013 6:00am EST
, so i would have a slight -- slide on it. that is what about roddick exports -- product exports? the u.s. is knowing that exporter of petroleum products. the numbers right now roughly 3 million barrels a day of raw that exports -- product exports, and a smaller number of product imports. we are in that exporter of -- as we were in 2012. the black line shows the crossover point of being a net importer to be a net exporter. as we move out, in the next two years we're seeing product exports moving up to be up toward one million barrels a day. plateauing a little at that level, and then moving up more as u.s. production continues to grow, and u.s. demand plateaus off. motor gasoline, one of the interesting things about the ability of refiners to export things like distillates, which are getting a very good price in the international market right now, is it is resulting in high refining utilization rate. they're running now on the upper 90's, and what that means is products are being produced in surplus, in fact gasoline, there's enough gasoline around in the u.s. now that prices have actual
Dec 11, 2013 3:00am EST
and equities. >> interesting. thank you so much. we'll get more on the u.s. budget deal. in corporate news, you're watching and attacks. >> no big surprise here. look at profit, look at sales. significant challenges this year. stronger euro diluting those earnings. king ofedly, still the fast fashion. we will talk about it later. those profit margins are getting higher. >> inditex opening one percent higher. caroline, you're watching rbs. >> set the drag the shares down. they are up by 1.5%. nathan bostock is going back to his old employer. monthsse, it is just six after stephen hester, the chief executive -- tech problems last week. concerns about pushing their own small businesses that they lend to into default. >> there is a lot to do and a lot to discuss on rbs. we have a lot of corporate news. we have everything that relates to macro. we are on the fed watch. talk, a wavetaper of risk aversion has swept through the market. i will allow them that. we are waiting for china. we are listing growth targets and inflation targets. that will come through tomorrow. the germans have got a bit of inf
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
adding it all up. u.s. households are now worth a total of more than $77 trillion. >>> but the soaring home values have cost a surge in the market, and prices of houses have risen dramatically. there is talk that they're looking at the beginning of a rental bubble. >> when millions lost their home to foreclosure, they had no choice but to rent, and when the mortgage crisis curtailed millions more for potential home buyers the rush to rent rose own more and so did the rent. >> we are in the middle of the worst rental affordability crisis that this country has known. >>> a new study released today in washington by a harvard joint center for housing found that half of all u.s. renters now pay more than 30% of her income on rent, up 13% from ten years ago, for those in the lower income brackets the jump is even worse. >> the 40% increase in the number for americans, let's be clear what it mean business, they're paying more than half of ever dollar they earn for housing. >> the accelerated growth is up 3% from a year ago, and numbers are not lost on this lady, she has been renting for over
Al Jazeera America
Dec 26, 2013 11:00am EST
in the u.s., and now there's a feud in sudan between him and argon as well. he's shuf ling the top of his cabinet, and it's making it stronger for the elections in 2014. now he has a clean cabinet, so they're going to see how much it's going to be for the public in turkey. >> the state department said its working to authenticate a newly released video of an american abducted in pakistan two years ago. he calls on president obama to help free him. >> nine years ago i came to pakistan to help my government, at a time when most wouldn't come here. and now i need my government. it seems that i've been totally abandoned. >> in august, at the time of the abduction, he was working in pakistan for a scutting company, and now to end the violence there. the president arrives there this morning. for thousands of people in the last 11 days. >> the kenyan president and the prime minister are trying to find a way out of this particular crisis. a lot of people have seen the past two days, foreign nationals coming into the country because they know how important it is to end what's going on right now.
Dec 15, 2013 10:50pm EST
? >> for those of you not in the know ct is a counterterrorism coin for counterinsurgency. the u.s. military is built and trained for the entire cold war to fight the full gap fight. for 60 years the u.s. military has squared off to fight in that fight, tanks and the tiller to to -- military maneuverable warfare and that is why they did so well willing from kuwait to bed bed. in an amazing movement amazing come back channel combat. the term that force that had become a counterinsurgency operation is really tough. the difference in special operations versus conventional is a conventional unit the artillery and the army and the armor is your key weapon systems or you just man the equipment because the equipment does the killing. in a special operations unit the individual is the weapon system and he just equipped the man. trying to fight a counterinsurgency you have a tank, artillery a system centric operation versus a special operations capability where you can adapt that guy to fight in that environment. it's a very hard adaptation for the u.s. army to adapt to the marine corps had a better
Dec 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
. who has this guy been calling. if you find numbers in the u.s., this database let's nsa go back and look. the other thing they can do, they can find patterns. this is an old technique going back to the 19th century. they used to do it with letters. look for who is talking to who. host: this is the opinion section of "usa today," nsa phone records sweep up grows harder to defend. propose restraint and transparency but recommended metadata collection continue. the nsa has yet to prove that it is necessary or effective. it must do both to justify such a massive interest in i -- intrusion. guest: i do think the administration needs to do a better job. be mored to transparent. they would have helped if they had told people they were doing this from the start. people would have been more comfortable. the problem i have with that of israel -- the problem i have uses the editorial, it word convenience. the government is doing this to protect people. host: what evidence is that? guest: there have been some instances where the ability to put together information and use that to identify
Dec 23, 2013 12:35am EST
program. our guest is the economist magazine's u.s. economics editor. then advice for preparing your 2013 federal taxes. we are joined by kevin mccormally. we are joined by kiplinger's editorial director. washington journal live, 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. then at 9:40 five eastern, art history professor deborah hansen looks at the work trail of annual boone and minerals and other arts and the u.s. capitol. american history tv in prime time, starting at eight a.m. eastern on c-span three. >> as 2013 wraps up, we are on the front steps of the capital to tell you about our new review series. here's the lineup. opening remarks are provided by anthony harrington, former u.s. ambassador to brazil during the clinton administration. >> good morning. good morning to many good friends in the audience. i am jane harman, president and ceo of the wilson center. i am delighted to welcome you to this just before the christmas holiday important event. the wilson center knows a lot about brazil. and so does our keynote speaker and good friend ambassador tom shannon. our brazil institute led by paulos o
Dec 27, 2013 6:30pm EST
>> now a discussion on u.s. saudi relations and how the relationship has effected by the series of awards and iran's nuclear program. will you from academics who study the middle east and a former deputy national security adviser to george w. bush. from the hudson institute, this is an hour and a half. >> we are going to go for about a hour and a half year. we are going to speak for about 45 minutes to an hour and then we'll open it at the end for questions and answers. thank you again for coming to have been and thank you to her c-span nokia and thank you for this wonderful panel with seleka and brent katulis. elliott abrams was adviser for democracy strategy during the george w. bush administration. he's currently a senior fellow for middle eastern studies at the one foreign relations and the author most recently attested by psion: the bush administration and israeli post any conflict. brian katulis is that the process where he focuses on the middle east and north africa. his co-author the prosperity agenda, with the world wants from america and what we need in return. there'
Dec 3, 2013 4:00am EST
suggest cyber monday in the u.s., sales hit a new record, clipping $2 billion for the first time. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. hello. welcome to today's program. we're just over an hour into the trading session here in europe. we are down once again. decliners being outpaced by advancers by a ratio of around about 7 to the on the dow jones stoxx 600. the if it is ft. yesterday was down from 55 points. you can see at the moment, down 0.3%. take a look at where we stand on some of the individual sectors, as well. no sectors at the moment in positive territory. basic resources once again. it's been a year of underperformance for the resource sector. spot gold, bouncing off after hitting near those five-month lows at 1222. copper is a little lower. the spread between west texas and brent now getting ever wider. there seems to be more u.s. supply coming on board. the question is whether the weakness in the u.s. prices will eventually target down brent or not. we'll get into that as opec starteds. that spread cert
Dec 6, 2013 5:00am EST
the challenges are huge in being able to bring people together and reach a settlement. believe this is another -u.s.le where russian cooperation could bear for. ars on one common interest. to see a transition away from a regime that does not create a vacuum that brings in what is an even worst-case scenario, which is allowing syria to become a base of operations for some of these extremist groups that are exploiting the situation. for a me turn to iran moment. chairman rogers but we got a bad deal in iran. there has been some talk about passage of a resolution or some type of resin -- legislation in the house. the senate whoin may consider a further sanctions bill. the white house does not want that to happen and is weighing in truong lee with congress. strongly with congress. you cosponsored the angle bill, the iran nuclear prevention act. you have been a good friend and supporter of israel. is now the time for more sanctions and legislations on iran? >> i have been a big supporter of economic sanctions on iran. to bring iran to the negotiating table so that we could do everything possible to try
Dec 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
the u.s. and japanese position, the state department is counted civil airlines to file flight plans with the chinese government. the chinese explicitly said don't. >> they sent b-52s in there. >> which were unarmed. you also have the japanese telling the chinese we want you to roll this back. the americans said no such thing. when biden was in china, the focus and criticism was on the journalists and talking about the americans and chinese needing to get a relationship of trust. the japanese fear, that while americans have better relationship with japan, obama believes china is more important. that is dangerous for them. they worry about that. i think they are right to. >> how will it play out? if the obama administration is more likely to favor the chinese? >> it is likely to give the chinese more wiggle room to escalate on japan. >> knowing that the u.s. from outcome hard on japan. >> senior officials told me that they like a lot more this second term obama administration. hillary clinton is gone. those are the hard liners. they like these guys. >> what about donnellan? >> donnell
Dec 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
priority. i wanted to talk about how the u.s. and pakistan became allies. so i and what makes this relationship function. and why hasn't pakistan benefited from a relationship with the united states. i've been to japan, but other cities. but then they became apolitical american ally after the same war was fought on opposing sides, during world war ii. and what did we do wrong and pakistan. and this includes what their place under the sun was an american leaders were delusional about this. >> host: let's talk a little bit more about those american delusions. because i found it very interesting to talk about this and earlier in your book you talk about kennedy, and he was someone who didn't have such delusions. but he could not see the value of pakistan to the united states, and in fact he wanted to make clear to the pakistani people that they should not an inflated hopes to the u.s., and i think that there was some contrast between what he thought and what somebody like john foster dulles thought. and he apparently did think that the u.s. could sort of by pakistan and its loyal
Dec 1, 2013 6:30am EST
. >>> issue one, thanks but no thanks. the u.s. security community has something else to be worried about. the proliferation of drones. drones are multiplying across the globe. drones are unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft that are operated remotely nearby or from thousands of miles away, like the distance between the nation of afghanistan and mill bases in the u.s. drones come in various shapes, sizes and rates. for the u.s. they're used for surveillance, disablement and killing. as many as 87 faces now possess some form of a drone. using them to conduct surveillance in their own nations and elsewhere. peter singer of the brookings institution says this, quote, people in washington like to talk about this, as if the supposed american monopoly on drones might end one day. well, the monopoly ended years ago, unquote. of those 87 nations it's difficult to determine how many have actually weaponnized drones. or plan to do so. thus far the only nations to shoot missiles from drones are the u.s., britain, and israel. but u.s. intelligence officials believe it's only a matter of time befo
Dec 21, 2013 6:00pm EST
already has been in place for this energy reform. there is great cooperation between the u.s. and mexican coast guard. in theas cooperation u.s. state department and u.s. coast guard. was a said -- there meeting in tampa where mexican officials and u.s. coast guard officials were there. the process is in place. what i wanted to underscore and thatight is the say everything in this world is easy as far as the agreement and paperwork is concerned. -- implementation is a very difficult challenge. in this new concept -- we are able to work hand-in-hand with pemex. that will bring in transfer a lot of knowledge on how to manage the business. i think that is an area where we will see quite a bit of improvement. be in pipeline transportation. we have seen a number of accident in mexico and also onshore field work. the public security. -- onshore in particular. it is a question i get asked a lot. my standard response is look at where the oil industry operates globally. the don't always operate in safest places. they know a deal with security threats. the one potential exception i would say is tha
Dec 27, 2013 3:30pm PST
's long-standing ties between the u.s. government and the interim government there in egypt. whagle plafr for plan for dealing with this government? egypt? >> it's really unclear, brianna. the us has very little influence. this was a symbolic amount of weapons and loans, that countries like saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, they share the concern, so they're making up the shortfall and more for the egyptian government. the u.s. doesn't really know what to do here. this struggle that the military has is seen as so big, they're really not sensitive to the u.s. concerns about democrat sick. they're fighting this on their own. you know they need them to be guaranty tees is the piecekeeping, so it's unclean. >> elise, thank you so much. >>> faouad is joins us from new york and david keys, director of the organization advancing human rights and contributor to "the daily beast." after we watch this chaos unfold, david, looking specifically at egypt. is there anything that the u.s. can do to exert influence? >> i think there's an enormous amount the u.s. can do. it has to stay true to the a
Dec 18, 2013 9:00am PST
and arrested in new york. now the country, india, retaliating against the united states. >> the u.s. sending gay athletes as part of its delegation to russia's winter olympics, including the tennis legend, billie jean king. >> and could this be the day that the federal reserve starts rolling back its stimulus program? some economists say yes. we're going to take a look what that could do to the economy. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. the arrest strip search and locking up of an end dan diplomat in new york is escalating on several fronts. let's start in india. they're now retaliating against u.s. officials in new delhi. >> the fact this high ranking indian woman is strip searched is most disturbing to the people of india. she is accused of visa fraud after allegedly submitting false documents to ob it taken a work visa for her nanny. pam brown has more on the backlash abroad. >> watch as police remove the concrete security barriers in front of the u.s. embassy in new delhi. newspapers in india reporting the governmen
Dec 19, 2013 3:30am EST
the same domestic situation that you have in the u.s. deal. are supporting the some politicians are opposing the deal. some politicians are silent. almost everything is the same at the same level. there is a big difference. inre is foreign intervention the u.s. decision. the israelis are interfering and -- in thedecision -- u.s. decision. -- this is the big difference between our domestic situations. that this istom the beginning. this is a breakthrough, but this is the beginning. is left for a comprehensive package to be agreed. >> are you confident the interim agreement is going to be executed? andran already has agreed signed with the iaea the framework of cooperation. this is one of the most difficult parts of the interim agreement. is the number one issue. iaea have hadhe many meetings. they have agreed on the facts and it is ready to go. accesss have given before the implementation of the interim agreement. iraniansiance -- the gave access to the iaea to some very sensitive nuclear facilities. both parties are serious. >> you are working on laying the groundwork for this a
Dec 21, 2013 1:00am EST
committee looks into data mining. thom hartmann argues that without a strong middle class the u.s. is heading for an economic implosion that will make the great depression seem tame. by august 1945, it was becoming clear that a struggle for global dominance had begun. from world war ii cold war. coming up, saudi arabia relations in light of negotiations over iran's nuclear program and the city and --. civil war. now, discussion on relations between the united states and saudi arabia, and how it has been affected with the nuclear deal and civil war in syria. a hour and >> good morning. thank you for being here. we are going to go for an hour and a half year. we're going to speak for 45 minutes to an hour, then open for questions and answers. .hank you for coming to hudson thank you to our c-span audience. thank you for this wonderful panel. elliott abrams was debbie national security advisor for global democracy strategy. at the senior fellow council on foreign relations. brian is a senior fellow at the center for american progress focusing on the middle east and north afr
Dec 18, 2013 8:00am PST
. thousands of people have taken touge in u.n. facilities escape the fighting. six u.s. troops have died in an air craft hash -- aircraft crash in afghanistan. it was the deadliest incident for american forces in afghanistan this year. the military says the crash was an accident, but the taliban said it carried out an attack. the senate, intelligence committee has asked the cia to hand over an internal study said to be highly critical of its own program of secret detentions and torture. the study is said to echo the findings of the intelligence committee's report, which has yet to be declassified but reportedly documents extensive abuses and a cover-up by cia officials to congress. the study is also said to contradict the agency's own formal response to the senate report. --tuesday, senate democrat democratic senator mark udall of colorado said the ca plus withheld study -- edward stone has published an open letter offering to help the brazilian government investigate nsa surveillance. his leaks revealed the nsa spied on the personal communications of brazilian president dilma rousseff a
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